Vintage Cast Iron Boston Terrier Dog Doorstop

Vintage Cast Iron Boston Terrier Dog Doorstop

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Product Description:
This Impressive Vintage Cast Iron Boston Terrier Dog Doorstop features:

  • Realistic bone features
  • Two 3/8” diameter recessed flat head screws.  One on base of neck and other on same side between the ribs and hip which dates this collectible
  • Strong rib cage and leg definition 
  • Impressive definition of lines in face and under chin. Some definition in ears.
  • Black pupil with white painted slit
  • Noticeable grinder marks on stomach & seam on back, creating a smooth appearance. 
  • Flat, smooth bottom feet with exception of one which is not as smooth as others.
  • Black overlay on white. White having aged appearance
  • Red adhesive band for collar is surrounding neck. Appears it could be taken off
  • A Blue Collar was added from original owner and taken off for photo shoot. Noticeable white color difference of age when collar is off.  Collar will be included when sold.

Product Weight: 7.5 pounds  

Manufacture:  Not Confirmed

Dimensions (Overall):  9 3/4" H x 9 3/4" L  x 4 1/2" W (measuring with back foot is touching wall).  Girth: 9 3/8" at ribs.

Condition:  Used.  Good condition. Noticeable wear on tip of nose, eye brow, tip of ears, and minor paint dings as shown in photos.  No signs of repair, repaint or damage.  Overall, it is clear this cast iron collectible has been well kept.

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DISCLAIMER:  Every attempt is made to research thoroughly, take clear photos and accurately describe each product being sold on this website.  The buyer is responsible for carefully examining the photos, description, determining the value, and authenticity of the product.   When this particular collectible was obtained, decision was made to keep it original and not to tamper with or disassemble item to confirm manufacture identification.  


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